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29-Oct-2017 23:49

After assaulting the official, the man entered the public area and stripped naked in front of everyone, including his mother.“The man jumped on top of the judge’s bench and said that it was his turn to talk because he had something to say.” The man started screaming at the people inside the courtroom while his mother prayed for him to keep quiet and put his clothes back on.However, in the video you can see she is simply wearing a white top with long slits and long black boots being escorted from the mall by security.

In fact, the previous Tweets suggested that the man was spotted close to the Carr Street turn off which is, in fact, near Queenswood. The question then is, why has nobody bothered to get this gentleman some help?

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“We sent two police patrol cars to look into the situation,” JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said.

“Every time he saw the police van coming he ran away and jumped down the road.

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