Dating an officer in military

13-Dec-2017 04:45

I have not watched the Bachelor since high school- at which time it seemed like an absolutely fantastic option for finding a future husband- but after seeing post after post pop up in our Facebook feed about this season I started tuning in.And I quickly realized something funny…Dating the Captain was just like being on The Bachelor. As I mentioned in this post, our relationship and wedding was nothing short of movie-theatre romance, but after watching the first four episodes of The Bachelor this week I just couldn’t get over the similarities.

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When you date a military officer, your life changes.Just trying to put his behavior and personality in context. It is hard to give you advice without knowing either of you but these are things you should discuss with him. Their public persona is the most important thing often in the absence of a private persona. But there is a depth of insecurity there too, that I just haven't seen before in previous boyfriends.